Thursday, May 29, 2008

Food Poisoning and Superbugs

Inspiration of the day: "Failure is not the event. It is the label we attach to the event." Rick Godwin.

There are two solutions you might want to consider for both food poisoning and superbugs, such as MRSA (Methilin Reistant staphlococcus) and clostridium dificile E (lives in lower bowel). One solution is immediate, collodial silver, and the other solution is a long term preventative, probiotics.

Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your gut. They eat up the bad bacteria. They are destroyed right along with bad germs when you take antibiotics. You know people who never get sick? More than likely they have a whole lot of good bacteria in their gut. More than likely, they have taken very few antibiotics. Ask them sometime just to see. Say, "hey, how many times have you taken antibiotics." Antibiotics are WONDERFUL, but used in excess, they have created superbugs in 'sterile' hospital settings and, in our individual bodies, destroyed our good gut bacteria that keep the bad germs in place.

Every day of my life I and my husband take a probiotic, just one tablet, by the Jarrow company called Jarro-Dophilus. You can find this brand at some HEB food stores, your local health food store, any online health food store, or through me. Every wholistic healthcare provider has his or her favorite probiotic. If you have a relationship with a wholistic healthcare provider that you trust, by all means, use the probiotic product they recommend. I personally have found Jarrow company to be very reliable across the board with all their products. I feel very comfortable selling you Jarro-dophilis as an effective product at an affordable price.

But let me make clear here, that this is for me NOW, as a healthy individual. I wasn't always this healthy. I used to get sick every month with whatever germ was floating around. Even now, if I get off my probiotics for more than a week, I may well wind up sick. I don't want any of that for you. If you have been on antibiotics a lot in your life, especially for any long length of time, you might want to consider using Garden of Life probiotics, in exactly the manner they reccomend. It will cost you about $75 a month for about half a year, but it is well worth it.

What is a "long length of time" to be on antibiotics and what difference can this probiotic regimen make in your life? I was on an antibiotic, sulpha, from the age of six to sixteen, every day of my life. EVERY DAY! After that, I would be on antibiotics about twice a year for a week or two each time. Then by the time I was about 21 it was about four times a year. By the time I was 30, I was taking antibiotics about six or more times a year and had full blown chronic fatigue/fibromylagia and many days could barely crawl out of bed to make it to classes. The whole topic of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue is worthy of a whole other blog, but for now, let's focus on the fact that this is simply symtomatic that the good bugs in my gut, representing my immune system, were shot due to antibiotic abuse.

If you have any similar type story, then you might want to seriously consider Garden of Life probiotics. It is not only pricey, but difficult for most people to stick to. You start with one tablet daily, for one week, taken in between meals, and build up to taking about 12 a day and stay with that regimen for months. Might I also say here, that if you are this sick, you might well want to find a really good whole healthcare provider to keep an eye on your health.

From the time I first saw my own wholistic chiropractor, Dorene Witter, to a year later, after a full year of Garden of Life probiotics, I went from getting sick EVERY month, to not getting sick at all, ever! As well, the combination of probiotics and herbals have made all my fibromylagia and chronic fatigue symptoms completely dissappear. What I am telling you is that if you are sick with whatever germ is floating around every month like I was, if you are prone to food poisoning like I was, $75/month of Garden of Life probiotics is a cost effective option to resupplying your gut with the good bacteria it so desperately needs. (the good germs destroyed through antibiotic overuse)

With both food poisoning as well as any bad germ out there including superbugs, it makes perfectly logical sense to resupply your gut with as many good guys as possible doesn't it? I am not the only one who says this. Every whole healthcare provider you will find will agree.

Now, that is my little spiel on probiotics for long term healthcare to avoid food poisoning and superbugs. What about short term care? What do you do when you get food poisoning, or find out you have a superbug? Collodial silver.

First of all, for superbugs, for pete's sake, do EVERYTHING your medical doctor tells you to do, including taking whatever recommended pharmacuetical has been prescribed. But in addition you might also want to consider not only upping your probiotic intake, but also, taking, as I have mentioned, collodial silver. I have now known of five different people with a superbug who were using only a pharmacuetical, and not feeling 100%, but when they started collodial silver as well, their health improved within a week. It's worth a try.

Collodial silver can be bought from any local or online healthfood store, and very likely, your own wholistic healthcare provider might have it. Or, alternately, you can find a local distributor closest to you by hitting This is the company I use.

What is collodial silver anyway? It is a germicidal that has been known for centuries to kill germs. The very rich who could afford silver, in centuries past, knew that if they kept their food in silver it would not spoil. During world war II, the antibiotic of choice was collodial silver. Google it and see. It is effective, although unlike traditional antibiotics, it doesn't kill off good germs nor create a local or systemic yeast overgrowth--YEA! I have no idea what dosage you would need for a superbug supplementation, but I do know the person you should be asking is a wholistic healthcare provider.

If you don't have a wholistic healthcare provider near you, and you have a superbug, please call the pharmacists at any of Bill Swails' Peoples' Pharmacies in Austin, Texas to find out how to best supplement your pharmacuetical. These are the smartist, most knowledgeable wholistic pharmacists I have ever found. You can find any locations' phone number by hitting their website at Call any location. I usually call Amy at the south Lamar location but that is just because that is the store I frequent whenenver I am in Austin. But all Bill's pharmacists are WONDERFUL, and oh so knowledgeable about not only pharmacueticals but all kinds of wholistic healthcare and the interaction of it all.

There will be no charge by the pharmacy for your question nor will they demand you buy your product from them, but please, if you call them, honor their vast knowledge by getting them to overnight you your collodial silver. Forget me. Forget anyone local (unless you live in Australia LOL!)--accesssing their knowledge is well worth a purchase. And if they reccomend something else in addition, well hell, do it too. They are so much smarter and more knowledgeable than I am and they have more patients with superbugs using both pharmacuetical and natural medicine than your medical doctor or local pharmacist will ever see. They can tell you what they have seen that works the best and the most often for the vast majority of people. If you have a superbug, that is the kind of knowledge you want and need.

Now for regular, good old fashioned food poisoning, I can tell you what I do. I keep Peaceful Mountains Stomach Rescue in my car, in my purse, in my cabinet at home. I give it to my friends just to keep on hand in case they need it. It is that wonderful. Stomach Rescue is a 'proprietary' blend of ionic water, peppermint oil and greater than 40 ppm (parts per millimeter) of ionic silver.

And no, I don't get food poisoning if I am taking my probiotics regularly, but invariably, traveling, or during the holidays, or just when I am very busy, I can easily go one or two weeks where I flat have run out and not rebought my probiotics.....(OK, before I began to sell them)...and duh, I get food poisoning. What doesn't bother anyone else, will bother me because of too few probiotics, (too few good bacteria) in my gut. Unfortunately, I know food poisoning. Stomach Rescue, two ounces to start, an ounce later, and I am symptom free. Yes, I may have a little bit of diahrrea, a few hours later, but that is nothing compared to puking your guts out, diahrrea for days, emergency room visits and strong antibiotics it used to mean for me.


What a note to end on. Just remember probiotics and collodial silver, repsectively, for preventative and acute germ killing. They just may revolutionize your life much they way they have mine!

Love you!!! God bless you all!

Joke of the day: In a neighborhood of Catholics, there lived a protestant man who loved to grill meat outdoors every Friday of Lent. Because the smell of the grilling meat was so tempting, the Catholics decided to get the protestant converted to Catholicism. As the local priest sprinkled holy water on the man, the priest said, "You were born a protestant, you were raised a protestant, but now you are a Catholic." The Catholic neighborhood breathed a cumulative sigh of relief until the next years Lent, when once again, on Friday, they smelled the converted man grilling meat outdoors. They rushed to his house, and there they saw him sprinklying water on his steak saying "you were born a steak, you were raised a steak, but now you are fish'! Ya'll, I totally stole that from Joel Osteen.

Easy recipe of the day (and I have no idea who I got this one from!)

Peanut Butter Cookies

One cup peanut butter
One cup sugar
One egg

Mix it all together and dump by spponfuls onto a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 mintues. Yummy. These start to kinda crumble after about 24 hours, but usually they are gone in that amount of time. They are also great to make with kids because they are quick and easy.