Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I just found out that eating too much sugar will give you wrinkles. Well, now you tell me, after I have been having a serious love affair with everything sugar and white, for the past five years. Check the above link and confirm this for yourself. No wonder I have aged so fast!! Damn. I am pissed. Sugar has been my drug of choice for these so many years on purpose. I figured sugar is better than alcohol. Better than a psych hospital. Damn. Now I have to give it up. You have no idea how unhappy I am.

What this article says is that sugar in the body undergoes glycation, a process much like browning meat in a pan. YUCKOLA!

Here is the quote:

Sugar triggers a natural process called glycation, which is the same chemical reaction that turns meat brown when you cook it. The sugars bind with tissues to form harmful molecules, called advanced glycation end products (ironically known as AGEs), which damage elastin and collagen -- two substances your skin needs to stay supple and elastic. AGEs also damage the kidneys, brain and other essential organs.

Tell me, what other habit can I develop instead of sugar and high carbs to be my drug of choice? Exercise. Pahleeze. I can exercise alright. But it's not quick and easy. Not like grabbing a bag of chips or oreos! I may write a health blog, but I like my vices. Darn. Now, I gotta change. We'll see if I actually do it! Smile!

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